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Urine Ritual

Every devotee must learn to drink the golden Water of the priestess as a sacrament.

Genital Arousal

The priestess has access to a devotee's genitals 24/7. She never allows him to ejaculate, but she teases him and trains him to crave extended genital pleasure without release. Eventually, although a physical desire to orgasm remains, the devotees new addiction for extended penis arousal and prostate gland manipulation makes it easy for him to avoid spilling his load.

In the photo above, the devotee reclines on his back in The Position. His genitals are constrained by a wooden Tantra Bowl. A cock-ring diameter hole in the bowl's bottom holds the genital cluster above the inverted base of the bowl.

  1. This shortens his erection by about two inches and
  2. Holds his package at a perky attention posture, ready for teasing or CBT torment.

Percussive Discipline

All devotees are expected to submit to percussive discipline, which is generally administered with a cane, paddle, strap or hand on the bare buttocks, or with a flogger or small paddle on the exposed inner thighs.

It is not expected or desired that the devotee should relish this treatment because it is meant as a form of sacrifice by him and a way for him to prove his devotion to the Goddess of Anticipation and her priestess.

That said, a priestess may mix both teasing, semi-pleasurable blows with more intense (and even savage) strokes. The devotee is expected to progress and be able to accept very hard treatment. If it helps the priestess in so training him, then she may also include genital stimulation during percussive discipline.

Every session between a devotee and a priestess should begin with percussive discipline, because nothing puts a devotee in the proper frame of mind better than having his buttocks savaged in this way.

Modesty First

The priestess must not expose her naked body or parts to a devotee until he has proven himself worthy and earned the privilege. This may happen quite quickly in many cases, but it is still up to an individual priestess as to how much she ever wants to reveal to any specific devotee.

Here, a devotee is to be taken for his first time with a strapon phallus. The priestess is clad in a tightly-fitting outfit, but her naked breasts are displayed in all their glory. The devotee has never seen her naked breasts before and this was one of the inducements for his submission to being anally reamed with an implement much larger than he was accustomed to.

Accepting “Change”

A devotee is expected to progress in his capacity for worship and also in his ability to accept ever greater ritual treatment. This is especially true in the area of anal training and prostate enslavement. A devote's may be introduced to these rites with a finger, followed by a smallish, tapered dildo or strap on. However, ultimately he will be required to accept invasive instruments of a much larger order.


Every devotee is expected to submit to genital torment, which shall usually be intermixed with genital pleasure. One standing rule is that a priestess shell not pleasure-touch the genitals of any devotee who has not accepted anal penetration as part of his training.


When a devotee has successfully completed his introductory training, he may be accepted into the Forbidden Realm of the Goddess of Anticipation. By learning to accept harsh percussive discipline; and intense genital teasing, orgasm denial, and torment; and by accepting anal invasion ranging from fingers up to large artificial phalli, the devotee pictured above has earned the rites of full priestess nudity, accompanied by drinking directly from her naked vulva, orally worshiping her vulva and anus, and also being gifted with the most pleasurable genital stimulation, which may include hand manipulation and even oral ministration by the priestess, so long as the devotee is able to accept it that no priestess of the goddess will ever allow him to ejaculate.

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